Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Being the New Girl

We are going on month 2 of being in our new home.  The house is really coming together.  Everything has been painted and most of the furniture that we ordered has come in.  We are just waiting on a chair and footstool.  I like how it all looks and it really seems to fit the rooms well.  I will post pictures once it is all completed.
Evelyn has started school and seems to really like it.  I am not so sure about it yet but it is only week 2 so I need to give it more time.  I just don't feel like she is learning a lot but I also think my expectations might been too high.  The teacher explained to me that the first few weeks are really about setting a routine and teaching the students how to be in a classroom.
I have started implementing more sit down and do some type of worksheet learning project every day at home.  That is making me feel better and Evelyn enjoys the one on one time that we get while Jack naps.
I haven't really met any new people yet.  I know my neighbors and they are really nice.  The ladies have invited me to do dinners and in the evenings and weekends everyone gets together and chats while the kids play.
I know it is going to take some time but it is hard being the New Girl.  I just don't have those real friend bonds that you get when you've known someone for a long time.  I know in time that will come but for now I am missing my friends from home.
I miss that ease that comes from a good friend.  Conversations are not pushed and you know you can totally be yourself around them.
Mike has been great though.  I have spent many evenings just talking his ear off about every detail of my day.  He is a great listener and always re assures me that things will work out in time.
I think as the kids get more involved and I find new activities for us to all do we will meet more and more people and really start to get aquatinted with all the great things Minnesota has to offer.

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