Sunday, November 22, 2015

Jack's Christmas List

Jack's Christmas

You had a chance to check out Evelyn's list now you can take a look at Jack's.  Jack loves to sit and do blocks or play with his train sets and he is into anything that plays music.  He is a quick learner likes to do things with his hands.  

Melissa and Doug Abacus I think this will be fun for working on Jack's counting and later working on addition and subtraction.
Xylophone Another musical instrument to add to our collection.  I changed the link for this one because the one pictured is not a part of Amazon Prime and I want to make sure we can get it before Christmas.
Octopus Bath Toy Jack loves taking bath's so I am getting him a few different bath toys.  This is one of them and I think he will really like it.
Razor Jr 3 wheeled scooter Evelyn had one of these when she was 3 and she loved it.  She still has it and Jack has been getting on it and learning how to ride so I am going to get him his own in a boy color.
Melissa and Doug Gears I think this will be great to keep Jack busy and he will love getting to change the gears around.  I am just debating on this one will be too simple so I am considering

Quercetti Georello Kaleido Gears instead because the set is bigger and it will have a lot more options.  

Friday, November 20, 2015

Evelyn's Christmas List

Evelyn Christmas

Christmas time is coming fast and I am ready to get decorating and start buying gifts.  Christmas is pretty easy for us.  The kids get 3 gifts from Santa, symbolizing the 3 gifts the 3 wise men brought Jesus.  They also get gifts from friends and family and Mike and I each get them something.  
I have so many ideas for them this year.  They are both into different things so I have had a lot of fun coming up with some ideas to suite them both.  
Below are a few things I am considering for Evelyn.  
She is is really into artsy things.  She does crafts for hours and is starting to really enjoy learning to write.  

Melissa and Doug Sketch Pad  We have had similar things like this and she really enjoys them.  
When the Crayons Quit Book  We've never read this book but I have heard really great things about it.  
Melissa and Doug See and Spell  Sight words are a constant these days.  I have downloaded a couple of apps for her iPad and we also have been reading the Bob Books.  I think she will like this as just a way to switch things up.  
Razor Pink Scooter  Evelyn has mastered her 3 wheeled razor and is ready to move on to the big one. 
Toy Clarinet  Evelyn loves music and last year she asked for a Trumpet and still plays it every week so I think I am going to get her the clarinet but then I also saw that there is this set that includes 3 of them  so I might just get this for the few dollars more it will cost. 

I will also fill her stocking with nail polishes and lip glosses and other girly things that she loves.  Stockings are so fun.