Monday, March 21, 2016

Living Room Gallery Wall

Finally it has happened.  I have collected all the pieces I wanted for the gallery wall in the living room.
I've talked about this before but, our upstairs living room is a really odd shape.  The traditional couch and love seat combo just won't work in that room.  We had to get creative with the furniture and after learning that the tv could not be mounted above the fireplace we had to get more creative with decorations.
There is this blank wall that stares at me ever day.  I thought about just doing one big painting or something.  I searched and searched but just couldn't find anything I thought would fit.
After searching Pinterest I thought the idea of a gallery wall would work.  It seems simple enough right.  Just get a bunch of stuff and put it on the wall.  Well, I wanted some color but not too much.  I wanted pictures but not all pictures.  I also wanted something a little extra but not so out there that it didn't look like it should go on the wall.
So, this is what the final product turned out to look like.

The arrows and white flower are from Target's new Pillowfort line.  It has some really cool stuff so make sure you check it out.

I made sure to use a level so everything is straight.  I also didn't use any nails.  Yes, you read that right.  I used 3m command strips for everything.  It was way easy and now I don't have to worry about 30 little nails in the wall.

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