Monday, March 28, 2016

Meal planning Monday

Good Monday everyone!
I actually had a couple of requests asking that I post some meal ideas so I'm going to bring back Meal planning Monday's.
I am a big proponent of meal planning. It's how I stay organized and also stay within our grocery budget. How I do it is by picking 5 dinners to make and 3 lunch ideas. I don't plan which days to make those meals ahead of time.  I just have those ingredients in the house and depending on our mood or activities that day we choose what to make.

This week since we have left over ham we are going to try to use that up Momday and Tuesday.  We also have night actives Monday and Tuesday so I make something easy so we can eat quickly and get out the door.

So this is what's on our plan.

Ham sandwiches with cheesy mashed potato cakes
Ham sandwiches with roasted vegetables
Roasted vegetables with turkey smoked sausage and fried eggs
Mexican night- tacos, rice and beans with steamed broccoli
Wild rice soup, homemade breadsticks

For lunches I prepped cut up veggies.  Pepperoni, cheese, pretzels and hummus. We will also have peanut butter and jelly one or two days.

Have a great week!

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