Thursday, April 7, 2016

Healthy Check In

Well, the year didn't start so great for me.  I stuck to my new running plan for the first 2 weeks then started to get bored so I took some time off.  When I started back up I was so out of shape.  Seriously, how can taking a couple of weeks off put me so far behind??  That just made me frustrated and I took more time off and then I had to re evaluation what my fitness goals were going to be.
I finally started to get myself back on track in February, then I got the flu.  That flu kicked my butt and it took a long time to get back to the gym.

In March I came up with a plan.  The plan start.  That's it.  Just to start.  I needed to get back to the basics, make time for me and get in gear.

I took a look at how I was eating, how my time was spent working out and what I really wanted to accomplish.  Now this might sound crazy to some and normal to others but all I really want is to of course feel great and to have a flat stomach.  Is that so much to hope for.  You know like those girls in the magazines.  The ones that put their hands on there hips and pose in a hot bikini.

I am 36 and I realized that I only have so much time to get those real bikini abs.  I love working out but the reality is I don't push myself.  I don't eat as well as I could and I definitely don't take enough time for myself.

So I started.  I woke up an hour before the kids and had coffee, played online by myself and had some much needed quiet time.  Then I made it a goal to get a work out in.  I either did something at home or made my way to the gym and put the kids in the child care.

I realized that after the first month of this I actually like doing some workouts at home.  My Pinterest (which you can follow) is full of fitness ideas, most of which I haven't tried.  I got a couple sets of hand weights, a workout ball, a yoga mat and found videos on Youtube and used my pinned ideas for inspiration.  Next up was an overhaul of my diet.  I started tracking meals, preplanning snacks and being prepared for the week by meal planning.  Most importantly I made a deal to give up fast food and pop.  I love McDonalds. I am aware of how bad it is but, I love it and could eat it everyday and if I am being honest with all of you and myself, I was eating it 2-3 times a week.  Yuck, I know but...yum, french fries!!!
Also water, water, water and more water.  I have been getting 80 ounces + every day.  I also make sure I drink greens everyday.

It has been a month and I am feeling great.  I am not tired, I am sleeping better, and I am less irritated.  The new lifestyle choices have been easier than I thought to stick to and I have a new found love for working out again.
This week I cut bread and dairy from my diet.  I thought it would be harder but so far, and I know it's only Thursday, but it is going good.  I feel less bloated and less heavy.

The weekends seem to be the hardest.  We love to cook and we love to eat and enjoy wine.  I have been limiting my portions but still enjoying life.  Because well, balance and I am making lifestyle changes not dieting.

I will keep you all updated on my progress, feelings and thoughts on this overhaul.  Also check out my fitness Instagram healthy_xtina  I haven't done a lot with this account but I have plans to do more posting.

Six pack abs here I come.  Or at the very least a 2 piece bathing suit that I am comfortable in.

I would love to hear your fitness tips, success stories, failures, or whatever gets you going.

I read this quote and thought it was perfect for this discussion.

You Don't have to be
Great to Start.  
But you DO have to 
to be Great

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Check me out on Bloglovin

I wanted to do a quick post to tell you all about Bloglovin.  
I recently joined this network and have been having lots of fun reading other blogs.  

I added a button on the left side of the blog and you can just click on that and it will take you right there.  

Basically Bloglovin in a network of bloggers.  You can search and find different blogs based on different topics.  It is easy to use and great way to search to find new things to read.  

Check it out when you get some time.    

Monday, April 4, 2016

Meal Planning Monday

Healthy Healthy is going to be the theme this week.  I am going to keep it simple with easy recipes and basic foods.  I have been upping my work out schedule and I could use some help with the food planning.

This is what I have planned-

Turkey Spaghetti with Zucchini Noodles, regular noodles and homemade breadsticks for the kids
Taco Salad (taco turkey meat, black beans, lettuce, tomato, peppers, avocado and taco sauce)
Grilled Chicken with Cauliflower rice and steamed broccoli
Breakfast- turkey bacon and eggs with a side of fruit
Chili (ground turkey, spices, peppers, onions, diced tomatoes and beans)

I am going to be cutting dairy this week but the kids and Mike will still have all that.

Since I know the kids won't eat some of these things I will make a few different options for them.  They will have cheese quasadilla's with green beans on taco salad night and buttered noodles and left over chicken on chili night.