Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jack turns 3!!!

What a day it was.  My little guy turned 3 a few weeks ago.  We've been so busy with family in town and with enjoying summer I haven't had time to update the blog with the details of his party.  I am pretty active on Instagram so make sure you check me out there- xtinapilk

Our theme this year was Nautical.  The kids both had cute anchor shirts and anchor bathing suits.
We spent the day playing in the pool and bbq'ing with some family that came into town.

We all had lots of fun.

Jack is a sweet and very affectionate little man.  He loves cuddles and has very good manners.  Always using please and thank you.  He is also very smart.  He can recognize all of his letters, uppercase and lowercase. Can count pass 20 and knows all of his shapes and all of his colors.  I am just amazed at how fast he picks things up.  He plays puzzle games that adults would struggle with.
I am one proud mama that is for sure.  I love watching him experience the world around him.  He loves the water and riding his strider bike.  This is going to be a big year for him with big sister going to kindergarten.  We are still deciding if he will go to pre school or just spend another year at home with me.  I am soaking up all of this summer and enjoying every minute of the fun we are all having.

Happy Birthday little man Jack!  You are loved by everyone!

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