Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekly meal plan

Since moving I have been trying to stay on top of meal planning and last week I realized that I need to simplify.  I spend a lot of time looking up recipes, writing out grocery lists and actually shopping.  
So for the next month I am going to do theme days and see if that makes things easier.  

Here is the plan
Monday- Soup and sandwiches or salad
Tuesday- Taco Tuesday
Wednesday- Pasta or stir fry
Thursday- Salad and bread
Friday- Homemade Pizza

Each week we will be eating a different meal each day but within a theme so at least when I meal plan I have a starting point of what to plan for.  

Today we have family leaving so we will do left overs tonight and then start the plan tomorrow.  This is what I have set up.  

Tuesday- Black bean and corn taco's
Wednesday- Veggie stir fry (peppers, onions, mushrooms, broccoli) with cauliflower rice
Thursday- Chick Pea salad with garlic bread
Friday- Make your own mini pizza

We have been eating manly meat free so we will continue to do that.  
How does everyone else meal plan?  I love getting ideas from other busy families.  

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