Saturday, March 4, 2017

Little lunches

Since Evelyn was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes I have started packing her lunches.  I love it and I am happy to be knowing exactly what she is eating.  And to be honest at this age and with her diabetes I have to stay on top of what she is consuming.  Dosing insulin based on what she is eating at the cafeteria is really not an option.  
I ended up getting a bento kids box from Amazon.  The link for it is here

It was a great purchase.  It's the perfect amount of food and lets me give her different options.  At this age Evelyn likes to do a lot of snacking so the smaller compartments allows me to give her a good variety with lots of healthy options.  She is in kindergarten now and I think this box will work for the next few years if not all the way through elementary.  I ended up buying the blue because that is what she wanted but I have an additional purple insert to change things up but I haven't used it yet.  It is leak proof and the food stays in the compartments.  I can pack things like yogurt and hummus without worrying about them mixing with everything.   

I make lunches in the morning before school or the night before depending on time.  Evelyn goes to the nurse right before lunch and does a finger check for her blood glucose number and then the nurse gives her her insulin shot based on the carbs that I pack in her lunch.  I put a sticky note on the lunch box each day.  This system has been working out well for us.  Evelyn would prefer to eat mostly fruits and vegetables.  Protein and carbs are not her favorite so I try for 30 grams of carbs at each meal.  Kids need carbs for energy and right now her insulin is 1 unit for 35 carbs. 
Below are some pictures of the little lunches I have packed for her.  She eats of lot of the same things, like the mini bagels but she doesn't like sandwiches too much so the bagels with cream cheese are 24 carbs so it is a great option for her.  

protein pancakes with sugar free syrup, strawberry yogurt, raspberries and deviled eggs

mini bagel with cream cheese, deviled eggs, strawberry's, yogurt bites, whole grain cereal

Hawaiin roll, shredded chicken, carrots with ranch for dipping, raspberries and a mini chocolate

mini bagel with cream cheese, nitrate free ham, yogurt bites, raspberries and whole grain cereal

mini bagel with cream cheese, pistatio's, egg whites, multi grain cheerio's, strawberries

Hawaiian roll, cheese, nitrate free ham, strawberries, grapes with mini chocolate chips, cheerios

Sugar free jelly sandwich, cheese, egg whites, pretzels with hummus, raspberries with mini chocolate chips

mini bagel with cream cheese, green beans, carrots, whole grain goldfish, mini nilla wafers

make your own pizza, sandwich thin, pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella, mini chocolate cookie, raspberries

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