Monday, February 19, 2018

New Year, New Direction

Good Sunday Morning!  It's been a while since I have spent any time on this blog.  Life has been good, crazy and overall just really busy.  I know people will say you spend time on the things that are important.  As true as some think that is, I don't.  I don't spend most of my time doing things I completely enjoy.  Most days are a race against time.  Trying to fit it all in.  Being a good mom, an attentive wife, the house CEO and most time consuming managing Evelyn's Type 1 diabetes.  
I am thankful to have already been a stay at home mom when she was diagnosed because I am not sure how we as family would be able to do it without me being at home.  It is a full time job with no breaks.  Day and night I am her pancreas.  
As I started to get ideas together for blog posts I realize that I should be sharing more of what Type 1 is like for Evelyn and as her care taker.  It is what I spend my "free time" doing.  Researching, recipe testing, documenting and attempting to make life for her as easy and normal as possible.  
So get ready.  I am taking this blog in new direction.  I will still be sharing recipes, and meal planning which is really what I like to do but, I will also be discussing more about Evelyn and her ongoing care.  
More to come!  

Thanks for reading!