Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Back to work!

I remember the day I quite my job to become a stay at home mom.  I agonized so much over that decision.  I felt all the emotions.  What if I am a terrible stay at home mom?  What if I got bored? Financially would we be ok? What if I never was able to find a job after being home?
Mike's Aunt told me not to worry.  She said when the time is right something will work it self out. 
So over the summer I was approached about a subbing position at the elementary school that the child attend. I started on the first day of school and have been there since.  I work the library as a clerk.  I get to see both Evelyn and Jack daily.  They come in early with me and stay with me until I finish up my day.  It has been great.  
I am feeling the struggle of working and feeling like the home projects, like laundry are getting done.  We are all busier since I have been working and everyone has had to help out.  I think it's going well though.  
It has been a transition for sure.  I am able to monitor Evelyn and be there for her diabetes care which has been great and of course I love seeing the kids througout the day.  
This position is full time until December and I am not sure yet if it will be available after that.  I am not totally convinced that working full time is what is right for our family but as of right now I am enjoying the new challenge.  I loved being home full time too though.  
There is probably not a right answer.  Both working and staying home have it's rewards and challenges.  

I guess I will just have to see what the future holds...

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